stevan blagojevicDirector, dr Stevan BlagojevićThe Institute of General and Physical Chemistry is an accredited research and development institute. We are engaged in basic, applied and developmental research in the field of physical chemistry, biochemistry, biophysics and environmental protection. Associates of the Institute participate in the implementation of programs and projects of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Republic of Serbia and the Innovation Fund of the Republic of Serbia. The results of our research have been published in foreign and domestic journals and announced at international and domestic scientific conferences. Within the Institute, a Laboratory for testing, research and development has been established, with goal to perform physicochemical and chemical analyzes of a wide range of testing on various environmental samples and industrial product quality control.

By working with many industrial companies and organizations we deliver a number of studies which are able to make direct positive impact on the productivity and economy output. A number of new technologies have been developed for the processing of waste raw materials from the food industry (whey, brewer's yeast, etc.) and for the full utilization of food raw materials and obtaining biologically high-value food products, some of which were awarded at inventors' reviews. As a research and development institute, our basic orientation is to solve specific technical and technological problems, as well as the development of new technologies and products for domestic and international users.